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Bright Bear!

Bright Bear is a marketing brand to assist in promoting your business. I understand it takes a lot to run a business. Together we can make your vision a reality! 


My big idea.

Simply to help others succeed! 

I started working for a small business in the hospitality field. I showed interest in designing ads and posting social media content. Shortly after, I was asked to assist in working on the owners website for the business and completely redesigning the whole website. Keeping an active social media and keeping our following base up to date on our services and local events to keep them in the know. 


Than my husband started his own business and I took the steps to help him manage and promote his line of work. I took his visual ideas and turned them into a reality. From creating his logo, business card and promote his work with social media content to show off his work.  

After that Bright Bear was created. I've alway loved designing and creating visual content.


Check out my work and reach out if you think I can help assist you! 

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I once heard,
"Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident, it happens by design."
And by designing promotional advertising or revamping a business website could be just the trick to get your business to stand out from the rest!

                                        -Ashley Graver
                                  Owner and Designer

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